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Mariovo – Rural Adventure – one-day jeep excursions

According to the legend, Mariovo region received its name after the beautiful princess Maria, which in order to save her principality, agreed to become...

Kajmakcalan Peak (2.521 m) – Jeep excursions


Kajmakcalan (Кајмакчалан, Kaimaktsalan) is the highest peak of Mount Nidze (2.521 m) and during the WW1 (First World War) one of the key positions on the Macedonian (Salonika) front.

Macedonian Front – First World War – one-day excursion in Mariovo...

The First World War began in Europe on July 28, 1914 and lasted until November 11, 1918. The Macedonian front, which was also known...

Feel the nature – оne-day jeep excursions to “White” River –...

Have you ever drunk water directly from a river? “Bela Reka” (White River) or “Belica” in Mariovo region springs at altitude 1,610 meters a.s.l. from...

Pelister Big Lake – one day jeep excursions

According to the legend “Pelister Eyes” - the mountain lakes “Big” and “Small” on National Park Pelister – were formed from the tears of...

Zovich village and Chebren monastery – one-day jeep excursions


Zovik village in Mariovo is one of the most beautiful villages in Macedonia.

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Stone Bridge in village Zovik – 360 Virtual Tour


Stone Bridge in village Zovik, Mariovo - 360 Virtual Tour. Explore the virtual tour created by connecting 360 spherical panoramas.

Photos: OFF ROAD Macedonia

Crveni Steni – Pelister National Park – 360 VR panorama


Crveni Steni (tansl: "Red Rocks") is location on Pelister National Park esspecialy popular among the local hikers. 

Springs in Vevcani


The springs in village Vevcani, Republic of Macedonia are monument of nature and ecological zone with a high degree of protection.

Smilevo Museum, Macedonia – Photo Gallery


Smilevo Memorial Museum was built on the occasion of 100 years of the Ilinden Uprising. Covering an area of 130 m2, the museum exhibition consists of the following thematic entities:

Novaci Municipality – Photo Gallery


Novaci is a village near city of Bitola, located in the eastern part of Bitola Field, on both sides of Sinevirska River, at an altitude of about 580 m. Novaci is the administrative center of Municipality of Novaci - one of the biggest municipalities (by area) in Macedonia.

360 VR Panoramas