St. Mercurius monastery - Bareshani - 360 Virtual Tour

St. Mercurius (Св. Меркурие) monastery is located in the western part of village Bareshani.

Tatarchevi Museum in Resen - 360 Street view

The Memorial house of Tatarcevi is located in the center of Resen, at the place where the original house of Hristo Tatarchev was.

St. George (Св. Ѓорѓи) Monastery - Velushina, Bitola - 360 Virtual Tour

St. George monastery is located 1.7 km west from village Velushina in Bitola municipality.

French military cemetery in Bitola – 360 Virtual Tour

At the French military cemetery in Bitola there are more than 13,262 soldiers of the French army killed on the Macedonian front during the First World War.

Krklino Museum - 360 Virtual walk

The auto and ethno museum "Filip" in village of Krklino near Bitola is one of the richest private museums in Republic of Macedonia and a great place to visit if you are near Bitola.

St. Elijah (Св. Илија) – Bren – monastery in Mariovo – 360 Virtual panorama

The monastery dedicated to St. Elijah (Св. Илија) also known by the local population as “Bren“ is located near the village Gradeshnitsa, Mariovo region.

Magnolia Square Bitola - 360 Virtual walk

Magnolia Square Bitola - 360 Virtual walk - Take a walk through the center of Bitola - the city of the consuls.

Bigorski Monastery – 360 Virtual Walk

The Monastery of Saint Jovan Bigorski is one of the most famous Macedonian monasteries. Its ocated in the western part of Macedonia, near the road connecting the towns of Debar and Gostivar.

Село Зовиќ - 360 VR интерактивно видео

Take a walk from the beautiful Stone Bridge on the pure Gradesha River up to the Ethno house in village of Zovik.

Добро Поле - 360 VR интерактивно видео

Dobro Pole Mariovo - 360 VR interactive video walk on the Macedonian- Greek border.

Kajmakchalan peak 2521 m - 360 VR panorama

Kajmakchalan peak 2521 m - 360 VR panorama - on the Macedonian - Greek border.

Crveni Steni - Pelister National Park - 360 VR panorama

Crveni Steni (tansl: "Red Rocks") is location on Pelister National Park esspecialy popular among the local hikers. 

Ohrid Lake - Kaneo - 360 VR panorama

Ohrid Lake is one of Europe's deepest and oldest lakes, preserving a unique aquatic ecosystem that is of worldwide importance, with more than 200 endemic species.

Epiphany Monument in Ohrid - 360 VR panorama

The monument "Catcher of the Cross" represents the act of extracting the Holy Cross from the waters of the Ohrid Lake on the feast of the Epiphany.

Saray in Resen - 360 VR panorama

Saray in Resen (Saray - Turkish word saray meaning "palace") is a historic neoclassical estate in Resen, Macedonia.

Bitola Museum Fountain - 360 Virtual walk

Take a walk from the Museum in Bitola, along the main street "Shirok Sokak" up to the Clock Tower, Bezisten and the Bitola Old Bazaar.

Great Lake on Pelister National Park - 360 Virtual walk

The Great Lake is located on the eastern part of the Ezerska River, a left tributary of the Sapuncica River at an altitude of 2,218 m within the Pelister National Park.

Виртуелна прошетка - Етно куќа - Кај Мостот - село Зовиќ, Мариово

Village Zovik is one of the most beautiful villages in Macedonia, widely known for its Stone Bridge (Movie Bridge) and the clean Gradeshka River.

Stone Bridge in village Zovik - 360 Virtual Tour

Stone Bridge in village Zovik, Mariovo - 360 Virtual Tour. Explore the virtual tour created by connecting 360 spherical panoramas.

Photos: OFF ROAD Macedonia

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