Association for Exploration and Travel OFF ROAD MACEDONIA – Bitola

The Association for Exploration and Travel OFF ROAD MACEDONIA – Bitola is an association of enthusiasts with extensive experience in the organization and preparation of activities in the area of active tourism.

The association organizes a number of activities in the field of active tourism and it makes this independently or through a different kind of support for related associations and organizations.
Part of the activities of the association are:

  • Organization of jeep tours in Macedonia;
  • Organization of recreational hiking, biking and kayaking wild waters
  • Organization of trips, preparation and development of rural tourism in cooperation with travel agencies in the country and the region;
  • Promotion of models for cooperation between citizens, government institutions and the business sector to address economic, environmental and social problems in order to develop rural tourism;
  • Promoting action projects for consideration of strategies for building organizational structure in the country and in the region to implement the projects and programs;
  • Organization of seminars and competitions and participation in publication of brochures and publications;
  • Organization of humanitarian and entertainment events;
  • Organization and participation in the issuance of brochures and publications;
  • Preparation and tasting of traditional food, environment and hospitality;
  • Promotion of cultural heritage aimed at promoting tourism;
  • Preserving the environment and strengthening environmental awareness among the population;
  • Strengthening the capacities of rural areas;
  • International (border) cooperation aimed at sustainable development
  • Cooperation with local government, the Ministry of Economy, Ministry of Environment, Ministry of Culture and other associations, foundations and organizations.

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