bigorski monastery 360

Bigorski Monastery – 360 Virtual Walk

The Monastery of Saint Jovan Bigorski is one of the most famous Macedonian monasteries. Its ocated in the western part of Macedonia, near the road connecting the towns of Debar and Gostivar.

The road surrounded by trees and rocks of limestone (bigor – after which the name Bigorski comes) rises slightly on a hill and ends at the main entrance of the monastery.
The monastery is located in a rarely beautiful place, with natural beauty landscapes. Built on the slopes of Mount Bistra, surrounded by lush forest and below the monastery, it in adjacent vicinity flow the clear waters of the river Radika, rich with diverse fish, mostly trout.
From the monastery spreads a beautiful view of the mountain Korab with its peaks Mal (Small) and Golem (Large) Krcin, as well as picturesque villages Rostusa, Velebrdo, Bituse and Trebiste placed in its surrounding rich with forests and meadows. Here adjacent are the villages Tresonce, Gari, Osoi, Galičnik Lazaropole, places from where originate a plead of engravers and painters from XVIII and XIX century.

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The virtual walk was created by a member of OFF ROAD Macedonia team in June 2017.