Будимирци, Мариово - панорама

Budimirci – Mariovo village at the foot of Nidze Mountain

Budimirci village is located on the right side of Crna River (Црна Река) at an altitude of 800 meters, 53 km from Bitola. The area of this village rises high up to the ridge of Mount Nidze, where on a narrow part it touches the state border with the Republic of Greece. These are one of the most beautiful areas in Mariovo, through which the well-known rivers Belica and Trnovcica flow, which offer many exceptional places for rest and relaxation.

Село Будимирци
Budimirci village

It is not known exactly when the village was formed, but according to historical data, this village had tumultuous past, especially during the Ottoman rule.

In the village, there is a temple dedicated to St. Nicholas built in 1875-78, which was heavily damaged during the First World War and later renovated.

Св. Никола, село Будимирци
St. Nicholas, Budimirci

In the vicinity of the village, at the site of the former village Trnovo, there is the monastery St. Dimitrij. The monastery church is a small one-aisled building with an entrance from the west side. The monastery estate was recently restored, with 5 sleeping rooms, kitchen and a large dining room to welcome the guests. The electric lighting is with an aggregate, and the rooms can be used by visitors with approval by the church board.

Манастир Св. Димитриј, Трново
Monastery St. Dimitrij, Trnovo

Звоно - Манастир Св. Димитриј, Трново

Св. Димитриј, Трново

Near the monastery, flow the clean mountain rivers Trnovchitsa and Bela Reka (Belitsa) that are merging near the village of Budimirci.

Река Трновчица
Trnovchitsa River
Река Трновчица
Trnovchitsa River

Particularly interesting is the River Belica that springs in the area called “Belo Grotlo” on Nidže Mountain, at an altitude of 1,610 m. The watercourse of this river is 16 km, after which it flows into Crna River. The river has a typical ravine valley in places and with canyon look.

Река Белица
Belica (White) River
Река Белица
Belica (White) River
Река Белица
Belica (White) River
Месност Лаките
“Lakite” locality
Месност Чемериките
“Chemerikite” locality

The locality “Lakite” besides this river is a great location for one day excursions and it can be only reached by a terrain vehicle.

How to get to Budimirci village

To the village leads the regional road R1311, which from Bitola through the villages Logovardi, Novaci, Makovo, Rapesh, before Staravina, it separates towards Budimirci (53 km).

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