0053 pelister national park

According to legend, the mountain lakes “Big” and “Small” on National Park Pelister – “Pelister Eyes” were formed from the tears of two sisters, who were in love with the same boy – Pelister.

Their mother did not allowed neither one of them to marry the boy and in anger sent them to the mountain, with a curse: to be close, but not to see each other. The daughters shed so many tears, from which two beautiful lakes were formed.
Located at an altitude of 2.218 meters (Big Lake) and 2.180 m (Small Lake ) the “Pelister Eyes” are a great location for nature lovers. Renting a 4×4 off-road taxi is the best option for visiting these picturesque locations.

0053 pelister national park

0083 pelister national park


  • 08.00 – Departure from previously agreed location in Bitola
  • Tourist ride through National Park Pelister with short stops on picturesque locations.
  • Visit of the Small Lake (2.190 m)
  • Visit of the Big Lake with opportunity to explore the beautiful scenery and landscapes, to breathe clean air, drink pure spring water or mountain tea in the mountain lodge (if it’s open).
  • Arrival in Bitola in the afternoon
  • Type of tour: Tourist drive (4×4 Jeep taxi on demand)
  • Difficulty:-Moderate
  • Location: National Park Pelister
  • Dates: May – November
  • Duration:~ 8-10 hours
  • Altitudes: Bitola 615 m, Small Lake 2.180 m, Big Lake 2.218 m
  • Max. Number of persons per Jeep: Driver + 3 (For bigger groups more 4×4 vehicles can be hired)
  • Price: Fill out the contact form for more info