Jeep Tour Mariovo - 4x4 off road driving experience is an annual event which is held every summer in the wild areas of the Mariovo region, Republic of Macedonia.

jeep tour mariovo

jeep turneja mariovoOrganizer: Association for familiarization and travel Jeep Tour Mariovo

Jeep Tour Mariovo is tourist drive trough forest roads, on which natural obstacles exist like: mud, steep tracks, green grass, rocks and rivers. The goal of this tour is promotion of the natural beauties and cultural – heritage monuments of Mariovo, as development of alternative sports and tourism.
Jeep Tour Mariovo is held every year in same period, the end of June. A special dedication is made towards the effort every new tour to be held on a different terrain and always to be filed with new interesting activities.  

Photo galleries from the previous events

Jeep Tour Mariovo - Photo Gallery

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Individual galleries of the previous tours:

Jeep Tour Mariovo 2015 (27-28.06.2015)
Jeep Tour Mariovo 2014 (28-29.06.2014)
Jeep Tour Mariovo 2013 (15-16.07.2013)
Jeep Tour Mariovo 2012 (14-15.07.2012)
Jeep Tour Mariovo 2011 (18-19.06.2011)
Jeep Tour Mariovo 2010 (19-20.06.2010)

History of Jeep Tour Mariovo

For the first time Jeep tour Mariovo was held on 19 and 20 June 2010. The positive experience of all participants was motive for turning the Jeep tour in annual event, which takes place at least once a year, with a increasing number of participants.

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