plackovica 2011

Jeep Rally Plackovica 2011- Photo Gallery

Jeep Rally Plackovica Off Road is held every summer in the picturesque scenery of Plachkovica mountain Macedonia.

This Off Road event usually consists of two parts, with mandatory rest at several attractive places of tourist and historical character and mandatory cultural – entertaining evening and camping on the wonderful Plachkovica Mountain.

Plackovica Mountain

Plackovica Mountain is located near the cities Stip, Kocani, Vinica in Macedonia. The composition of the terrain is mostly granite with crystal schist and younger eruptive rocks. The mountain has a rich flora and fauna with several species that live only on this mountain.
On the mountain Plackovica there are three wonderful canyons: Kamnik, Kozjak and Zrnovka which include beautiful natural beauties like rivers, waterfalls, passages, high cliffs…

For many canyon, Kamnik with its beauty represents a small Colorado.

The highest peak of the mountain Plackovica is Lisec which is located at 1754 meters above sea level.

Members of Association for Exploration and Travel OFF ROAD MACEDONIA – Bitola, as guests, participated at “Jeep Rally Plackovica 2011”, and made the following photo gallery.


Photo Gallery – Part 1

Photo Gallery – Part 2

Photo Gallery – Part 3

Photo Gallery – Part 4

Photo Gallery – Part 5

Photo Gallery – Part 6