Jeep Tour Mariovo 2013 – Photo Gallery

Jeep tour mariovo 2013

Jeep Tour Mariovo was an annual event that took place every summer from 2010 – 2015 on the territory of Mariovo region, Republic of Macedonia. The organizer of the event was the association – Jeep Tour Mariovo, which was later re-registered as the Association for Exploration and Travel OFF ROAD MACEDONIA – Bitola.

Jeep tour Mariovo for the first time was held on 19 and 20 June 2010. The goal of this tour was the promotion of the natural beauties and rich cultural heritage of Mariovo region, as well as the development of alternative sports and tourism.

Although each new tour was more successful than the previous one, over the years it became clear that the initial goals were achieved and the Association decided to re-orient toward smaller “thematic” educational, promotional and eco-events. In these events, the use of off-road vehicles would be reduced to a minimum, in a direction of greater environmental protection.

  • Jeep tour Mariovo 2013
  • Date: 15-16.07.2013

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Photo Gallery – Part 1

Jeep Tour Mariovo 2013