Kajmakchalan Macedonia

Kajmakčalan Peak (2.521 m) – Jeep excursions

Kajmakčalan (Kajmakchalan, Кајмакчалан, Kaimaktsalan) is the highest peak of Mount Nidze (2.521 m) and during the First World War one of the key positions on the Macedonian front.

The easiest and most reliable way to visit the peak Kajmakčalan is with 4×4 vehicles. Our organization has experienced drivers with modern and air-conditioned vehicles that will enable you an unforgettable one-day experience.

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  • Type of tour: Tourist drive (4×4 Jeep taxi)
  • Difficulty of tour: Difficult
  • Location: Kajmakčalan Peak, Nidze mountain
  • Dates: July – September
  • Duration of the tour: 9-10 hours
  • Bitola: 615 m – Kajmakčalan 2.521 m – Bitola: 615 m


  • 08.00 – Departure from Bitola
  • Short break at location Konjarka, near village Skocivir
  • Tourist 4×4 Off Road Drive: Konjarka to Kajmakčalan, with short stops.
  • Arrival at the peak Kajmakčalan,
  • Visit of the chapel and sightseeing
  • Tourist 4×4 Off Road Drive: Kajmakčalan – Konjarka – Bitola
  • 17.00 – End of tour

Battle of Kajmakčalan

The peak Kajmakčalan during the First World War was one of the key positions on the Macedonian Front. The Battle for Kajmakčalan will be remembered in history for the large number of victims on both sides, ie the Bulgarian and Serbian armies which were stationed in this part of the front, which both also included a large number of forcibly recruited Macedonians.

The peak Kajmakčalan was significant strategic position for both sides. The Bulgarians called it “Boris city” (after prince Boris) because they thought it was impregnable, whereas the Serbs called it “The Gate of Freedom”.

The Kajmakčalan battle was fought between 12 and 30 September 1916, when the first Serbian army managed to take the top St. Elijah, ousting the Bulgarians towards Mariovo, where they set up a new defensive line. Between 26 and 30 September summit Kajmakčalan been took over several times, until the Serbian army finally conquered it and kept it on 30 September.

Human casualties were enormous on both sides, primarily due to man to man fight.

Kajmakčalan Chapel

According to some sources, immediately after the battle, given the large number of casualties on both sides, the soldiers started to build some kind of memorial on the peak. The chapel, with the nearby ossuary which houses the bones of many unknown soldiers, the Bell tower and the facilities were finished in 1928, marking the 10th anniversary of the end of First World War. On that occasion also was put into service the road leading from Bitola to Kajmakčalan.



Trip Includes

  • Transport with 4 x 4 terrain vehicle
  • Organization and realization of the trip

Trip Excludes

  • travel insurance
  • Food, drinks and other individual costs

Safety recommendations

  • Pregnant women and guests who have problems with neck, back, other health problems or allergies are advised to consult a doctor regarding their participation in jeep excursions.
  • If you are allergic or if you need some medication, keep in mind that all jeep tours are on locations outside of urban areas.
  • Children under the age of 18 must be accompanied by a parent or guardian.

Pick up / Drop off location

  • The excursions start/end from a previously agreed location in Bitola city (hotel, parking, etc.)

Recommended clothing and footwear and equipment:

  • Proper clothing and footwear. In some locations there is a high grass, insects and everything else that nature can offer. If you plan short walks in nature, it is necessary to wear appropriate clothing.
  • Sunglasses with UV filter
  • Sun Protection Cream (recommended above SPF 30)
  • Insect repellent
  • Digital Camera
  • Snacks/Food/ beverages – The excursion does not include food and drinks. On some locations there is drinkable spring water, but there is no place where you can buy food. It is recommended that each participant carries with him sufficient amount of food for his daily needs.

Food and beverages

  • Not included

Environmental Protection

  • Please keep the environment clean. Any environmental pollution is strictly forbidden and punishable by law.

Changes to the program and cancellation of the excursion

  • The organizer has the right to amend the program in case of Force majeure or extraordinary circumstances that he could not foresee, avoid or remove.
  • If it has previously been paid for the excursion, the travel participant has the right to refund the amount for unrealized services or an appropriate replacement.
  • The organizer is obliged to inform the participant in due time about any changes.
  • The tour is organized in cooperation with travel agencies in Macedonia.