Село Зовиќ Мариово - Еднодневна 4х4 екскурзија

Zovik village in Mariovo is one of the most beautiful villages in Macedonia.

Famous for its monastery Chebren on Crna Reka (Black River), the beautiful “Movie Bridge ” on Gradeshka River,  the traditional architecture and food, picturesque nature and many other things that make this village one of the most visited locations in Mariovo.

filmski most selo zovik

  • Type of tour: Tourist drive (4x4 Jeep taxi on demand)
  • Difficulty:Easy-Moderate
  • Location:Village Zovik, Municipality of Novaci
  • Dates: All year on demand
  • Duration:~ 8-10 hours
  • Altitudes: 615 m, Monastery Chebren 443 m, Zovik 721 m
  • Max. Number of persons per Jeep: Driver + 3 (For bigger groups more 4x4 vehicles can be hired)
  • Price: Fill out the contact form for more info


08.00 h - Departure from an agreed location in Bitola
- Tourist drive through the villages - Logovardi, Novaci, Makovo, Rapesh.
- Pause on picturesque location near the village Rapesh
- Pause at the entrance of the canyon of the Crna Reka (Black River).
- Tourist drive through the canyon of Crna Reka, Rapesh bridge, area of village Zovik, Monastery Chebren.
- Pause at Monastery Chebren. Visit of the churches of Holy Salvation (XVI century) and St. Demetrius (XVIII century)

cebren mariovo
 - Visit the picturesque village Zovik the churches St. Atanasij on picturesque location above the village and the famous "Movie Bridge" on the eco clean Gradeshka River.
*Upon request - an opportunity for a traditional lunch at Ethno House in village Zovik.

kaj mostot zovik mariovo

kaj mostot zovik mariovo 01
Return Bitola ~ 16:00 - 17:00 h

Please fill out the contact form for more info:

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