Ljubanista - beach and Auto camp on Ohrid Lake

Ljubanishta is a village located on the east coast of Lake Ohrid, south of the city of Ohrid near the Monastery St. Naum.

Stenje - Prespa Lake

Stenje is a village in the Municipality of Resen on the shores of Prespa Lake at the eastern foot of Galicica Mountain.

Springs in Vevcani

The springs in village Vevcani, Republic of Macedonia are monument of nature and ecological zone with a high degree of protection.

Кокино - Мегалитска опсерваторија

Kokino (Кокино) is the fourth oldest astronomical observatory in the world.

Sv. Naum, Ohrid - Photo Gallery

Sv. Naum, Ohrid Lake - Photo Gallery of Monastery St. Naum on Ohrid Lake, Macedonia

kota 1050

Elevation 1050 (Кота 1050, Höhe 1050, Hill 1050, Quota 1050) was an important strategic position on the Macedonian front during the First World War.

Bitola Cimetière Militaire Français

French military cemetery in Bitola - Француски воени гробишта во Битола - Bitola Cimetière Militaire Français -

Heraclea Lyncestis Bitola - Photo Gallery

Heraclea Lyncestis (Хераклеа Линкестис) is an ancient city near Bitola. Enjoy the photo gallery of this location!!!

Mustafa Kemal Ataturk Memorial room in NI Institute and museum Bitola, Macedonia - Photo Gallery

Mustafa Kemal Ataturk Memorial room in NI Institute and museum Bitola, Macedonia - Photo Gallery

Bitola old postcards

Bitola old postcards - Photos from the book: „Битола низ стари разгледници“ - author: Dimche Najdov
More Info: www.muzejbitola.mk

Mariovo old photos - Old photos from Mariovo region - Republic of Macedonia

Mariovo old photos - Old photos from Mariovo region - Republic of Macedonia

Kajmakcalan (Кајмакчалан, Kaimakchalan, Kaimaktsalan) - Gallery

Kajmakcalan (Kaimakchalan) or Kaimaktsalan (Macedonian: Кајмакчалан) is a mountain peak on the border between Macedonia and Greece.

Cebren (Chebren) Monastery in Mariovo - Photo Gallery

Chebren Monastery with the Churches of St. Demetrios (Sv. Dimitrija) and Holy Savior is a center of exceptional spiritual and archaeological value.

Zovik, Mariovo - Photo Gallery

Zovik (Зовиќ) also known as the village with the "Stone Bridge" (Movie Bridge) in one of the most beautiful villages in Macedonia, placed 50 km from Bitola in Municipality of Novaci.

Sv. Dimitrij, Gradesnica, Mariovo - Photo Gallery

Sv. Dimitrij (Св. Димитриј, St. Dimitrij) is a church from XIV century located at the entrance in village Gradesnica, Mariovo region - Municipality of Novaci.

Grunishte, Mariovo - Photo Gallery

Grunishta village is located on the right side of the Crna Reka (Black River), at an altitude of 742 m, 52 km from Bitola. Enjoy the photo gallery of this village!!

Gradesnica, Mariovo - Photo Gallery

Gradesnica village is located on the flow of Gradeska River, in Municipality of Novaci, 52 km from Bitola.

Maps of Macedonia - Gallery of different types of maps of Republic of Macedonia.

Maps of Macedonia - Gallery of different types of maps of Republic of Macedonia.

Treskavec Мonastery near Prilep, Macedonia - Photo Gallery

Treskavec Мonastery near Prilep, Macedonia - Photo Gallery. Church Assumption of the Mother of God (Успение на Богородица)

Macedonia in 1863 - Photo Collection of Josef Székely

Macedonia in 1863 - pictures taken by Viennese photographer Josef Székely during the 1863 Austro-Hungarian expedition to Macedonia, Northern Albania and Kosovo led by Johann Georg von Hahn.

Macedonia in 1913 - Photo Gallery

Macedonia in 1912 - Photo Gallery. Pictures by Albert Kahn’s photographers from 1912 - one of the first in the world taken in color.

Skopje, Macedonia - Photo Gallery

Skopje - capital of Macedonia is  also the largest city in the country. Skopje city is located in the “Skopje basin” on the two sides of Vardar River, on elevation between 220 and 400 meters.

Bitola, Macedonia - Photo Gallery

Bitola is the second largest city in Republic of Macedonia, located in the south East part. Placed on both sides of Dragor River in the Pelagonia Plain, beneath the Pelister mountain the city occupies 2.245 hectares of area.

Prilep - Macedonia - Photo Gallery

Prilep (Прилеп) - the city of King Marko is city in the western part of the Republic of Macedonia. Located in the northeast Pelagonia plain, on Prilepska River, near Mukos and Dren Mountains, at an altitude between 620 and 680 m.

Krushevo, Macedonia - Photo Gallery

Krusevo (Крушево) - the highest town in Macedonia is located on the southeastern slopes Busheva Mountains, at the source part of Krushevska River, at an altitude of about 1,250 m.

Debar Lake  - Photo Gallery

Debar Lake - Spilje (Дебарско Езеро - Шпилје) is artificial lake built in the valley of the river Crn Drim (Црн Дрим).

Mariovo, Macedonia - Photo Gallery

Mariovo is mountainous region in southern Macedonia situated between the slopes of Selecka  Mountain (Селечка Планина), Nidze (Ниџе), Kozjak (Козјак) and Dren (Дрен) mountains, in the valley of Crna Reka (Црна Река, Black River).

Pelister - National Park - Photo Gallery

Pelister National Park (Национален Парк Пелистер) is located in the southwest part of the Republic of Macedonia, between the Prespa valley to the west and Pelagonia valley to the east.

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