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Restaurant Ostrovo Sv.Naum

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The restaurant Ostrovo is located on southeast side of Lake Ohrid on the one of the two islands in the springs of Crn Drim river, near the monastery of St. Naum Ohridski surrounded with the best nature in the wider region of Ohrid.

The restaurant offers place for 90 persons whereas on terrace can sit additional 80 persons in the winter, during the spring and summer whole island becomes a garden-restaurant with more than 500 places for our tourists.
In our restaurant you can especially enjoy in Macedonian traditional food from Ohrid region. From our rich menu we suggest traditional style beans, Snails in earth pot, traditional pie with spinach, pie “pour and bake”, sarma (stuffed cabbage leaves), stuffed peppers, and like special offer, there are several type of fish, like: trout, eel fish, carp and sea-food.


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