• Location: Dobro Pole – Macedonian/ Greek Border

  • Date: 15.09.2018

Dobro Pole (Добро Поле) is a locality on Nidze Mountain where on September 15, 1918 the breakthrough on the Macedonian Front occurred. The First World War in some way meant a culmination of the desperate situation in Macedonia, which from the end of the XIX century was constantly in a state of internal unrest and against its will, was involved in all military conflicts that took place in the Balkans. Large percentage of the population died from hunger, contagious diseases and military actions especially in Mariovo region, where also many of the important battles during WW1 occurred.

The one-day excursion on September 15, 2018 is held in order to mark the importance of this date and location, as well as for greater promotion of the Mariovo region in the area of memorial tourism.

Organizer of the event is: The Association for Exploration and Travel OFF ROAD MACEDONIA – Bitola

With support of: Municipality of Novaci 

In cooperation with: TA Turist and S-Travel




  • 08.00 h – Start – Novaci Municipality
  • Tourist driving through the villages – Novaci, Makovo, Rapesh (~ 1 hour).
  • Short break at a picturesque location near the village of Staravina, where many locations from WW1 can be seen.
  • Tourist driving through forest road with short breaks up to Dobro Pole location (~ 2 hours)
  • Short walk toward the location “Bronze Hand” (~ 1.2 km / 20 min) (Virtual walk from the trail …).
  • Commemorative activities (~ 1 hour)
  • Returning back toward the vehicles (~ 1.2 km / 20 min)
  • Tourist drive toward village Zovik (~ 2 h 20 min)
  • Lunch at Ethno House “At the Bridge” village Zovik
  • End of the event ~ 16.00

* The village of Zovik is 50 km away from Bitola. After the event visitors can, at will, go back directly to Bitola or take advantage of the moment and enjoy this wonderful village.

Elevations a.s.l:

Bitola (576 m), Cerova Poljana (1092 m), Dobro Pole (1736  m), Cerova Poljana (1092 m), Zovik (680 m)

Type of road:

  • Bitola – section so Zovik village – 46 km asphalt road (regional)
  • Section so Zovik village – Dobro Pole – 26 km (forest dirt road appropriate only for 4х4 vehicles)
  • Walking/Hiking (~ 1200 m/20 min) trough a forest road up to the location “Bronze Hand”  (External link to interactive 360* video from the mountain track…)

Who can participate:

  • Individuals
  • Teams with 4×4 vehicles

More info

About Dobro Pole

The breakthrough of the Macedonian Front at Dobro Pole is event of great importance in the historiography of the First World War. Fifteen days after the battle Bulgaria signed the truce (September 30, 1918) followed by Austria-Hungary (November 4, 1918) and Germany on November 11, 1918.

On September 15, 1938, Dobro Pole was visited by a delegation from France, which placed a monument (non-existent today) at the site which today is known as the “Bronze Hand”. Also it is interesting to mention that in Paris city there is a street named Rue Du Dobro Pol (Dobro Pole street), which is also a proof for the importance of this location.



Safety recommendations

  • Pregnant women, elderly people and guests who have problems with neck, back or other health problems and allergies are advised to consult with a doctor regarding their participation in the event.
  • If you are allergic or if you need medications, take them with you. Please have in mind that Dobro Pole is about 3 hours 30 minutes drive from Bitola city.
  • Children under the age of 18 must be accompanied by a parent or guardian.

Start / End

Start: Municipal building – Municipality of Novaci

End: Zovik village

Recommended equipment:

  • Proper clothing and footwear for nature. From the place where the vehicles are left to the area “Bronze Hand” there is about 1200 m of forest road. It is recommended to wear appropriate clothing for hiking.
  • Sunglasses with UV filter
  • Sun Protection Cream (recommended above SPF 30)
  • Insect repelent
  • Photo Camera

Food and beverages

  • The organizer will provide water for the participants and lunch in the Ethno house “At the bridge” village Zovik.

Environmental Protection

  • Please keep the environment clean. Any environmental pollution is strictly forbidden and punishable by law.

Who can participate

  • The event is not a classical jeep tour and is recommended for everyone interested in the First World War, Macedonian Front or the beautiful nature of Mariovo region.
  • The teams that want to participate with their own vehicle, are solely responsible for the functionality and the maintenance of it. Only 4×4 vehicles can participate.
  • In cooperation with travel agencies and licensed jeep transporters, individuals who do not own a jeep can also participate. All vehicles are air-conditioned and driven by professional drivers.

Changes to the program and cancellation of the excursion

  • The organizer has the right to amend the program in case of Force majeure or extraordinary circumstances that he could not foresee, avoid or remove.
  • If it has previously been paid for the excursion, the travel participant has the right to refund the amount for unrealized services or an appropriate replacement.
  • The organizer is obliged to inform the participant in due time about any changes.


Prices per person:

  • 15 euro

* The price includes the organization of the event and traditional lunch in Zovik village

* For individuals who want to participate but don’t have jeep, transport with air-conditioned 4×4 terrain vehicle can be organized in cooperation with travel agencies. Fill out the contact form for more info.

* Due to the specificity of the terrain, the number of participants is limited.

For more information, fill in the contact form and we will reply as soon as possible.

Fill out the contact form for more info

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