Dobro Pole Macedonia


  • Location: Dobro Pole – Macedonian/ Greek Border

  • Date: 15.09.2018

Video from the event

Dobro Pole (Добро Поле) is a locality on Nidze Mountain where on September 15, 1918 the breakthrough on the Macedonian Front occurred. The First World War in some way meant a culmination of the desperate situation in Macedonia, which from the end of the XIX century was constantly in a state of internal unrest and against its will, was involved in all military conflicts that took place in the Balkans. Large percentage of the population died from hunger, contagious diseases and military actions especially in Mariovo region, where also many of the important battles during WW1 occurred.

The one-day excursion on September 15, 2018 was held in order to mark the importance of this date and location, as well as for greater promotion of the Mariovo region in the area of memorial tourism.

  • Organizer: Association for Exploration and Travel OFF ROAD MACEDONIA – Bitola
  • In cooperation with: Municipality of Novaci, Macedonian Front Society, Association Nationale pour le souvenir des Dardanelles et Fronts d’ ORIENT
  • Supported by: Vitaminka Prilep, BiMilk, TA Turist, TA S-Travel, TA MIG Travel, Etno house “At the Bridge” Zovich




  • 07:30 – Municipality of Novaci – gathering of the participants and briefing
    – Statements for the media – Christian Thimonier – French Ambassador in Macedonia, Ljube Kuzmanovski  – Mayor of the Municipality of Novaci and Pargovski Jove – OFF ROAD Macedonia
  • 08.00 h – Start
    Driving along the regional road R1311 through the villages of Makovo, Rapesh, Staravina (~ 1 h 15 min).
  • Pause (30 min.) Near the villages Staravina and Gradeshnica
    Lecture on the Macedonian Front during the First World War and the consequences on the civilian population – Pargovski Jove – OFF ROAD-MACEDONIA (Macedonian / English) / Frank Roger – (Association Nationale pour le souvenir des Dardanelles et Fronts d’ ORIENT) (French)
  • Driving along a forest road to the Dobro Pole (~ 2 hours)
  • Short walk to the area Dobro Pole (~ 300 m)

– Lecture on the Battle of Dobro Pole – Robert Ilieski – Macedonian Front Society – Visit to the rock where the monument was placed in 1938
– Address by Ljube Kuzmanoski – Mayor of the Municipality of Novaci
– Address by a representative of the National Association for the Dardanelles and the Eastern Front (France)
Free activities

  • Driving to the village Zovik with a break of 20 minutes (total ~ 2 h 40 min)
  • Arrival in the village Zovik (~ 15:30 h)
  • Lunch at Ethno House “At the Bridge” village Zovik
  • End of the event ~ 16.30 h

Elevations a.s.l:

Bitola (576 m), Cerova Poljana (1092 m), Dobro Pole (1736  m), Zovich (680 m)

Type of road:

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About Dobro Pole

The breakthrough of the Macedonian Front at Dobro Pole is event of great importance in the historiography of the First World War. Fifteen days after the battle Bulgaria signed the truce (September 30, 1918) followed by Austria-Hungary (November 4, 1918) and Germany on November 11, 1918.

On September 15, 1938, Dobro Pole was visited by a delegation from France, which placed a monument (non-existent today) at the site which today is known as the “Bronze Hand”. Also it is interesting to mention that in Paris city there is a street named Rue Du Dobro Pol (Dobro Pole street), which is also a proof for the importance of this location.


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