bistra mountain off road 2011

Off Road – The Beauties of Bistra Mountain 2011 – Photo Gallery

Off Road – The Beauties Bistra is an event that is usually held in late September / early October on the beautiful Bistra Mountain in Republic of Macedonia.

Bistra Mountain

Bistra is a mountain in the central part of western Macedonia and is widely known for its pastures, rich flora and fauna as well as pleasant and healing mountain climate.
Bistra Mountain is a large flattened array, surrounded by numerous mountain peaks, among which many are higher than 2,000 meters: Medenica (2163 m), Karbula (2151 m), Kjurkov Dol (2141 m), Ostrovo (2105 m), Bistra (2102 m), Desovtor (2092 m), Saren Pejko 2086 m), Golem Brzovec (2085 м), Manastiriste (2060 m), Dumovica (2042 m), Jarockac (2027 m), Govedarnik (2018 m), Golem Rid (2015 m), Ezerski Vrv (2014 m), Gorna Korija (2005 m), Malsar (1993 m), Sandaktas (1983 m), Zengovi Rupi (1980 m), Veli Vrv (1916 m), Mal Brzovec (1899 m), Rusin (1890 m), Starci (1710 m), Stog (Koco Racin) (1574 m), Stog (1363 m).

Off Road – The Beauties of Bistra Mountain 2011, was an excellent 4×4 event organized on September 4th, 2011.

Members of Association for Exploration and Travel OFF ROAD MACEDONIA – Bitola, as guests, participated at the event and made the following photo gallery.


Photo Gallery – part 1

Photo Gallery – part 2

Photo Gallery – part 3