Novaci Municipality – Photo Gallery

Novaci is a village near city of Bitola, located in the eastern part of Bitola Field, on both sides of Sinevirska River, at an altitude of about 580 m. Novaci is the administrative center of Municipality of Novaci - one of the biggest municipalities (by area) in Macedonia.

Prespa and Prespa Lake Photo Gallery

Prespa Lake is a tectonic lake located in the southwestern part of the Republic of Macedonia. It is located between the western branches of Baba Mountain east and eastern branches Galicica west and Suva Gora Gladno Pole to the south and southwest.

Ohrid and Ohrid Lake – Photo Gallery

Ohrid Lake is the largest and most important natural lake in Macedonia and probably the most important biological stagnant water ecosystem in Europe. It features a rich history of culture, archaeological sites and natural beauty. Thanks to these features, the 1980 Ohrid and Lake Ohrid were declared world heritage under UNESCO protection.

Dojran Lake – Photo Gallery

Dojran Lake is a tectonic lake located in the southeastern part of the Republic of Macedonia. It is located at an altitude of 148 m. Through it crosses the border with Greece and it has typical oval shape, with a length in the direction North - South 8.9 km and a width in the direction West - East 7.1 km.

Krklino Museum near Bitola – Photo Gallery

Auto and Ethno Museum " Filip" is a private museum located in village Krklino, just 5 km from Bitola. With collection of objects which in quality and quantity exceeds many state museums, Auto and Ethno Museum "Filip" is a location you can’t miss during your visit in Bitola.

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